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Our Wellness Coaching Program stands out from the ordinary. Through innovative coaching methodologies and engagement practices, combined with advanced health data analysis, we create customized wellness plans for each employee.

Key Program Features:

  • Wellness Coaching. Unlimited access to a certified personal Wellness Coach by telephone, email or instant messaging.
  • Member Engagement. We employ a range of personalized approaches—targeted communications and fun, interactive activities, promotions and competitions—all designed to encourage and sustain maximum employee involvement.
  • Health Risk Assessment. Confidential, online questionnaire helps employees identify their health risks.
  • Utilization Reports. Aggregate reports reflect participation levels and support the annual benefits review process.
  • Targeted Communications, Competitions. Employees receive regular, targeted communications about health and wellness.
  • Online Wellness Programs. Tutorials, tip sheets and progress trackers for exercise, fitness, weight management and more.
  • Incentive Program Support. Support for new and established incentive plans.
  • MedChoice Support™. Comparative, interactive tool guides employees step-by-step through key decisions about tests, treatments, procedures and medications.
  • Turnkey Communications. Electronic and print communications help effectively launch Wellness Coaching and encourage ongoing participation.
  • Seamless Integration. The program seamlessly integrates with our Health Advocacy service and other programs.

Wellness Coaching

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