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Pricing Transparency Support

Most healthcare consumers are unaware that the cost of healthcare services can vary dramatically, even within the same geographic area and health plan. The lack of meaningful pricing and quality information can have a significant impact on outcomes and medical costs. Health Cost Estimator+, Health Advocate?s pre-service pricing transparency tool, helps employees become more engaged and effective healthcare consumers, by identifying the highest-value providers and helping them understand the full costs of their care.

Key Features:

  • Pricing estimates for doctors, hospitals and other facilities by ZIP Code
  • Compare costs and quality indicators for hundreds of the most common medical procedures and services nationwide
  • Specific cost (median) and total fee breakdown for each service or procedure
  • Includes hospital quality scores and patient reviews
  • Data sources include client?s paid medical claims (when provided) supplemented by our national database
  • Real-time, employee-specific benefit status and out-of-pocket estimates

Key Benefits for Employers:

  • Proactive employee awareness and engagement program
  • Empowers more cost-effective decision-making
  • Available on multiple platforms including mobile, tablet and PC
  • Employees can call a Personal Health Advocate for added support

Key Benefits for Employees:

  • Can make more informed choices based on estimated out-of-pocket costs and quality
  • Provides information and support to select care before seeking treatment
  • Personal Health Advocate available to find in-network doctors, make appointments and address other healthcare and insurance-related needs