Health Advocate

EmpoweredHealth About Health Advocate

EmpoweredHealth is a revolutionary concept in health management. It combines Health Advocate’s key benefits and services into one integrated, powerful offering, removing the barriers and silos typically found in health benefit packages.

EmpoweredHealth uses one toll-free phone number and one technology platform, and all features are delivered by an interdisciplinary team of clinical, employee assistance, and benefits experts. It’s the ultimate one-stop solution to improving the health of your employees and reducing healthcare costs.

A Full Suite of Services

  • Health Advocacy
  • Wellness Coaching
  • EAP+Work/Life™
  • NurseLine™
  • Chronic Care Solutions™
  • Health Informatics/Health Information Dashboards
  • Healthcare Decision Support
  • Pricing Transparency Tools
  • Targeted Health Communications
  • Incentive Management
  • Enhanced Reporting

Key Benefits:

  • Fully integrated service offering with seamless administration
  • A single toll-free phone number to call for all needs
  • Highly collaborative infrastructure; one centralized, dedicated team of experts
  • Reduced medical and administrative costs
  • Increased efficiency compared to multiple vendors
  • Personalized support from a dedicated Personal Health Advocate
  • Improved health outcomes and productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Member, not product, focused; supports all aspects of an individual’s health and benefits needs
  • Advanced, integrated data systems
  • Breakthroughs in employee engagement
  • Enhanced, integrated management reporting