Health Advocate

EAP+Work/Life Program About Health Advocate

Full support for employees

We offer professional, short-term assistance and work/life resources and, if needed, help to resolve healthcare and insurance-related issues—all through the same number.

Our service offers:

  • Telephonic or in-person assistance focused on coping strategies
  • Licensed, professional counselors help with stress, depression, family issues, substance abuse and more
  • Referrals for long-term counseling or specialized care
  • Work/Life specialists locate eldercare, childcare, legal and financial counselors, and other support services
  • Access to the work/life website, webinars and onsite seminars
  • Personalized help from registered nurses, backed by medical directors, claims and benefits experts, to resolve clinical and insurance issues, from finding qualified doctors to untangling medical bills

Full support for Human Resources

We offer unlimited consultation and organizational services, addressing these and other issues:

  • Critical incidence planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Disability management

The Health Advocate EAP and Work/Life Program advantage:
Extra level of support. Extra value.

  • One-source service access
  • Intervenes and resolves issues in earliest stages
  • Reduces need for more costly mental health services
  • Helps employees balance work/life demands
  • Improves productivity, reduces costs
  • Decreases turnover, absences and labor disputes
  • Unlimited manager consultation to address workplace productivity issues
  • Smoothly integrates with Health Advocacy service
  • Comprehensive, turnkey communications promote awareness and utilization

EAP+Work/Life Program