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Chronic Care Solutions About Health Advocate

Chronic diseases probably account for the majority of your healthcare spending. Our Chronic Care Solutions program gives your employees ways to manage them better.

Chronic Care Solutions supports the most common and costly conditions including asthma, diabetes, heart failure, depression and more. What makes the program unique is its use of advanced technology combined with personalized support.

Our advanced systems identify members and categorizes them by risk level, so we can tailor our support to meet their specific needs. Designed to improve outcomes and reduce costs, the program identifies “gaps in care” and other health risks, so we can support members in reaching their optimal state of health.

Key Program Features

  • Personalized support for members with chronic health conditions
  • Information and support tailored to risk level (high, medium and low)
  • Evidence-based self-management education
  • Behavior change coaching and support
  • Intensive nurse coaching for high risk members
  • Targeted Personalized Health Communications

Key Benefits for Employers

  • Helps target and manage the main drivers of healthcare costs
  • Advanced data analytics effectively identify and stratify members with the most common and costly health conditions
  • Targeted coaching strategy designed to educate members on managing their condition more effectively
  • Designed to improve health outcomes and productivity and reduce healthcare spending

Key Benefits for Employees

  • Personalized, tailored support to better manage chronic conditions
  • Gives members the necessary skills to control their conditions more effectively and improve their overall health and quality of life
  • Builds self-management skills; helps change unhealthy behaviors
  • Identifies and closes “gaps in care”
  • Integrated with health advocacy service

Chronic Care Solutions