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Benefits Gateway About Health Advocate

You offer a great menu of benefits. We’ll help your employees connect to the right one and get them healthcare help, quickly and correctly.

Our staff reaches out to your vendors to ensure proper coordination among them. We get to know the details of each benefit and create connections.

We offer a clear protocol, a trained ear in evaluating needs, state-of-the art telephony and databases, and a team of benefits specialists, plus clinical and claims professionals.

Our service offers:

  • A team of Personal Health Advocates
  • Registered nurses, backed by medical directors, and benefits and claims specialists
  • Help navigating a full range of clinical and insurance issues

The Benefits Gateway advantage:

  • Save even more time and money
  • One toll-free number simplifies choosing and using benefits
  • Early and frequent member engagement
  • Reduces fragmentation, misplaced calls
  • Avoids duplication of services
  • Eases burden on Human Resources staff
  • Supports employer priorities and strategies
  • Better use of benefits
  • Seamless integration with Core Advocacy
  • Comprehensive, turnkey communications promote awareness and utilization

Benefits Gateway