Health Advocate

What We Do About Health Advocate

Health Advocate, Inc., the nation’s leading healthcare advocacy and assistance company, helps members navigate the healthcare system through our full spectrum of time- and money-saving solutions.

Our Core Health Advocacy Solution, centered around our team of Personal Health Advocates and supported by medical directors and benefits experts, provides clinical and administrative support to help members resolve healthcare and benefits-related issues and to provide information and support to improve their healthcare experience. Coverage extends to the member, their spouse, dependent children, their parents and parents-in-law.

As a complement to our Core Health Advocacy Solution, we offer additional solutions for both employees and employers that include Wellness Advocate, a comprehensive program that features a personal Wellness Coach supported by online wellness tools; Enrollment Advocate; FMLA Support, Medical Bill Saver and Independent Appeals Administration.

Health Advocate programs offer medical cost savings for clients and members alike, increased productivity for employers, enhanced customer loyalty for health plans, a better healthcare experience for participants, and opportunities for employee participation in improving their health and well-being.


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