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Health Advocate Has The Resources
To Support Brokers & Consultants.

Expert staff.

As a company that has experienced significant growth, we plan very carefully to ensure that we have the resources in place to accept and serve new membership. Our seasoned staff of Personal Health Advocates, comprised of registered nurses and other healthcare professionals, is supported by a team of medical directors and administrative experts who have decades of collective experience with healthcare and insurance-related issues.

Effective installation and comprehensive communications.

Our goal is to save you and your clients time — not create new workflows or processes. Health Advocate has been designed to be easy for a sponsoring organization to install. In addition, we have developed a complete “turn-key” communications program supported by comprehensive print, electronic and multimedia tools to facilitate human resources professionals and employee awareness. Additionally, we offer an ongoing reinforcement program throughout the year to make certain employees and their families take full advantage of our valuable service.

Support for HR.

Our experienced Account Managers work with the Human Resources staff to help ensure a successful implementation. Once installed, Health Advocate has the time, resources and expertise to handle complex healthcare and insurance-related issues for employees.

State-of-the art systems.

As we have grown to become the nation’s leading advocacy and assistance company, we have continued to add resources to support our staff as they serve our clients and members. We use state-of-the-art telephone and computer systems as well as a proprietary database of information that allows us to provide informed and superior service.

Management Reports.

Utilization is tracked regularly and reported. Trends are identified either through daily operations interactions or as a result of the reporting package.

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